For the last few years now I have wanted to start a Doctor Who blog – mostly because I love and live Doctor Who everyday of my life and I just felt like sharing a little slice of my passion with the world.

When I was younger I used to write Doctor Who magazines for my Grandmother which she adored, even though she wasn’t the biggest fan of the series, but as school and life became more wholesome I found I was able to find less and less time to write – I’m hoping this blog will bring about a renascence in my Doctor Who critiquing.

I got into Doctor Who in 2002 after returning from a trip to the UK, I discovered an old VHS my mother had bought of ‘The Five Doctors’ – I was hooked, not that ‘The Five Doctors’ is the best story to start with.

What will I be providing on this blog? Well mostly I will try to focus on the Australian fan, bringing news that is more relevant to Down Under which will included DVD and merchandise release dates and TV episode TX dates. Although, I will also have loads of content for the UK fan like reviews of episodes and merchandise as well as news and opinion pieces.

Most importantly I want to have fun discussing the world of Doctor Who with the world…

Quantum Locked




Please source this blog if you wish to quote content that WE have written.

Doctor Who and its related images and text are copyrighted by BBC.
This website shares these items out of homage and such we only want to protect the text which we ourselves have written. All of the images, videos and other material displayed on this website are copyrighted to their respective owners.
There may be spoilers in posts, but you will be warned.


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