Countdown to 50: No 29-20

Read previous entries: 39-3049-40, 50

NOTE: Im running out of time so I’m simply going to list the episodes without any comments, if your interested in a full review of any episode leave a comment below and I’ll get round to writing one after the chaos of the anniversary week!

Number 29: Planet of the Daleks

29 Planet of the Daleks

Mighty 200 DWM Poll 2009: 118

Number 28: The Eleventh Hour

28 11th Hour

Mighty 200: N/A

Number 27: Ghost Light

27 Ghost Light

Mighty 200: 76

Number 26: Survival

26 Survival

Mighty 200: 80

Number 25: The Deadly Assassin

25 Deadly Asassin

Mighty 200: 20

Number 24: The Girl Who Waited

24 girl Who Waited

Mighty 200: N/A

Number 23: Human Nature/Family of Blood

23 Human Nature

Mighty 200: 6

Number 22: The Brain of Morbius

22 Morbius

Mighty 200: 40

Number 21: Earthshock

21 Earthshock

Mighty 200: 19

Number 20: Spearhead from Space

Dr Who: Spearhead From Space

Mighty 200: 36

NEXT TIME we enter the top 20 stories of Doctor Who including the first Dalek story, a Troughton epic and a Cybermen tomb…

Keep and eye on the COUNTDOWN TO 50 here.


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