Countdown to 50: No 39-30

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Number 39: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

39 TDIoE

The Dalek’s first encounter with Earth, and wasn’t it a brutal one? The story moves with electrifying pace making the Dalek’s second outing on TV a superb tale. Stand-out performance from the outgoing Carole Ann Ford as Susan.

Mighty 200 DWM Poll 2009: 44

Number 38: Destiny of the Daleks

38 Destiny

The first of many fantastic adventures with Tom Baker’s Doctor and Lala Ward’s Romana. The two play off each other so well and their characters flourish even in this early stage. Although the Dalek’s are not at their best this story, the Movellans are the height of power.

Mighty 200: 121

Number 37: Kinda

37 Kinda

There’s nothing not to like about Kinda – except perhaps the bad Mara prop… But I can see past that. Kinda is one of the best written stories of the classic series, with a brilliantly weaved plot and character that are more than 3D. The character of Hindle takes my vote for the best portrayal of a mad and psychotic character in Who-history. Simon Rouse plays likes like “you can’t fix people” with absolute conviction. The whole supporting cats is fantastic, as is Janet Fielding’s evil interpretation of Tegan. I also find this one of the most atmospheric and scary episodes of the classic era, with the conclusions to parts two and three absolutely edge-of-your-seat stuff. Not enough praise can be heaped on this story – and its only at 37th?!?!

Mighty 200: 69

Number 36: The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

36 Impossible Planet

The Ood’s maiden adventure – but really the main story here for me (apart from the Alien style thriller) is the love story between Rose and the Doctor. By this point, we can see in DTs eyes that he has fallen for Rose. The beautiful moment in the first episode when Rose is suggesting that they could share the same life is poignant and lovely.

Mighty 200: 35

Number 35: The Keys of Marinus

35 Keys-of-Marinus

One of my personal favourite Hartnell stories, and always has been. There’s a sense of epic-ness to the idea of a crusade through a planet collecting keys – its the kind of grand thing Indian Jones gets up to. This is perhaps the fastest classic who story, especially from the 60s, as each individual tale only has around 30 minutes to develop and conclude.

Mighty 200: 160

Number 34: The Dæmons

34 Daemons

For many reasons this story is widely loved by fans. Personally, its the interplay between the leads of the Doctor, Jo, Benton, Yates and the Brigadier. The village and non-uniform setting gies this story a breath of fresh air, as does the hammer-horror style storytelling – reminiscent of the early Tom Baker era that will follow. The characters shine through in this story, with Pertwee arguably at the hight of his tenure as the Doctor and Delgado really nailing his portrayal of the Master. The direction from Christopher Barry complements Barry Letts and Rob Sloman’s script perfectly.

Mighty 200: 34

Number 33: The Invasion

33 Invasion

There’s something extremely eerie about the Cybermen attack scenes from The Invasion. The image above is so iconic, and it doesn’t really do the actual episode justice. The Cybermen of the late Troughton era really are frightening and menacing. Kevin Stoney gives a superb performance as Tobias Vaughn – another brilliant mad-man of Doctor Who.

Mighty 200: 31

Number 32: Inferno

32 Inferno

One of the greatest stories of the Pertwee era. Despite being seven parts love, Inferno cracks along at a pace. The first few episodes conjure up an intriguing mystery without many answers, but then the story takes a huge twist when the Doctor travels to a parallel world. Here is where the story really shines, in the performances of Nick Courtney and Caroline John. The alternative Brigadier is a deep character and offers a kind of satire on the events running parallel.

Mighty 200: 32

Number 31: The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

31 Impossible Moon

Moffat really showed us his style of storytelling in this double part series opener from 2011. After the magic of series 5, Impossible Astronaut was dark – not just in production design – but in story as well. The cast is firing all cylinders and really makes the episodes believable. But its the writing that takes centre stage, with the brilliantly crafted introduction of the Silence and the clever paradox plot weaving, this story really is masterful.

Number 30: The Five Doctors

30 Five Doctors

How could a 50th Anniversary Countdown not include everyones favourite celebratory story? The Five Doctor has everything a fan could want – old Doctors, Cybermen, Daleks, Time Lords on Gallifrey, a deadly plot device in the Death Zone and the return of countless companions. All this is contained within a really well structured plot that doesn’t let all the returns and cameos get in the way. Doctor Who’s first love letter to the fans is one that is still adored, and an episode I personally adore as it was the very first Doctor Who story I ever watched. Magical.

Mighty 200: 38

NEXT TIME we enter the top 30 stories of Doctor Who including the genesis of new Doctors, the Time Lords and the end of classic who…

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