Trailers and TX Dates

The BBC have released a huge amount of Doctor Who-y information in the past 24 hours.


First up, they revealed today that The Day of the Doctor will debut on BBC at 7:50pm on November 23rd – this makes the ABC 1 simulcast at about 6:50am Australian time, and 2:50p ET on BBC America in the States.

The broadcast will be followed by a special live event show on BBC Three titled Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty and can be assumed to follow on from the recent Doctor Who Live announcement of the new Doctor, with special guests and such like.

The BBC have also revealed that a new trailer for The Day of the Doctor will debut on BBC One on Saturday evening at 8pm (around 7am Sunday for Aussies) featuring actual clips from the episode. In addition, on Sunday the infamous ‘Comic-Con’ Trailer will be revealed in its complete form.

A new preview clip has also been released, those teases at the BBC!

This follows the launch of the website, asking fans to show their support for the anniversary in order to unlock new previews from the story.


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