Nightmare in Silver Ratings Round-Up

The overnight global ratings have been released for the penultimate episode of series 7, Nightmare in Silver.


The episode debuted at the slightly later timeslot of 7.30 on BBC One and achieved an overnight rating of 4.7 million viewers at an audience share of 21.4% of viewers. This is slightly higher than the overnight figure for last weeks episode The Crimson Horror (4.61 million). Doctor Who remained high in the chart, yet was heated yet again by Britain’s Got TalentThe Voice and the FA Cup Final on ITV1.

The appreciation Index for the episode was 84, comparable to the rest of the series’ episodes.

On the ABC the episode achieved a slightly decreased rating of 696,000 viewers in the five major capitals, this left the episode at fourteenth on the night’s chart, 4 positions lower than a majority of the episodes for series 7. The stiff competition came from a new series of The Block and increased viewers for The Voice and 60 Minutes. These are still only overnight ratings, expect the episode to gain a few places with an average increase of roughly 100,00 viewers.

Doc&Salvagers 3

Final Figues for Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

The BABR have released the final ratings and chart positions for Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS. The episode achieved a consolidated rating of 6.50 million viewers, gaining an additional 1.6 million viewers from the overnight figure of 4.9 million viewers. The episode ended up just outside the top 20 for the week, finishing in 21st position. The episode’s AI was 85.

Gillyflower-2Final Ratings for The Crimson Horror

The final figures for the Australian and UK broadcast of The Crimson Horror have been release (but now BABR chart position). On BBC One the episode achieved a consolidated rating of 6.47 million viewers, and increase of almost 2 million time-shifted viewers. Its AI was 85.

On the ABC the episode gained an additional 136,000 viewer to achieve a consolidated rating of 923,000 viewers remaining steady at position 10 on the nights table. Each week, the Australian broadcast has gained roughly 130,000 viewers through time-shift. The episode was the second highest rating ABC program after Call the Midwife.


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