The Crimson Horror Ratings Round-Up

The overnight ratings for The Crimson Horror have been revealed for both the Australian and UK broadcast of the Gatiss penned episode.

Clara-1On BBC One the episode debuted at 6.30pm and achieved an overnight rating of 4.61 million viewers at an audience share of 25.2%. This is the lowest share and raw rating of the series. It was the fourth highest watched program of the day, being edged out by Casualty (4.96m) for 3rd spot and being beaten emphatically by top program of the day Britain’s Got Talent (9.52 million at 45.0%).

The episode was also rated an Appreciation Index of 35, the same as the previous two week’s episodes.

In Australia on the ABC, The Crimson Horror was watched by 786,000 viewers in the five major capitals. The show was the 10th highest rating program of the day, and was the ABC’s top rating drama, and only edged out by the stations news service (831,000 viewers) as the 2nd highest rating ABC program overall. The episode was the highest rating drama for the evening as well, topping Elementary on Channel Ten which had 758,000 viewers.

Final Figures for Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

The official BARB figures for Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS have not yet been released for the UK, but in Australia the final viewing figures have been revealed.

The episode jumped one position on the chart, moving to 9th for the day, with a final rating of 849,000 viewers, an increase of 123,000 viewers from the overnight, non-timeshifted figure.

This leaves the episode as the 2nd highest rating drama of the evening and the highest rating ABC show, overpowering the station’s new service on time shifted viewers.


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