Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Ratings Round-Up

Overnight ratings and the episode’s AI have been released for last weekend’s story Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

Doctor 2

On BBC One, the episode achieved an overnight rating of 4.9 million viewers at share of 26.7% of the total  audience. This places the episode as the lowest rated episode of the series and the lowest for the show since it returned in 2005 – although the figure should rise to a more respectable 6 million plus after the time shifted viewers are included.

The episode achieved an Appreciation Index score of 85, the same as last week’s episode, HideJourney to the Centre of the TARDIS was third for the day beaten by Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice.

On the ABC the episode was the highest rating drama for the ABC with an overnight rating of 725,000 viewers. The episode was the second highest rating ABC programme of the day, only beaten by the station’s popular news service, it was also the second highest rating drama and finished ninth for the day overall. These figures do no include time shifted viewers, where in recent weeks the increase  was close to 100,000.

Final BARB figures for Cold War and Hide.

The BARB have released the consolidated, final viewing figures for Cold War and HideCold War achieved a final figure of 7.37 million viewers, an increase of roughly 1.6 million viewers from the overnight figure of 5.7 million viewers.

Hide also substantially increased its overnight rating of 5.0 million to a final figure of 6.61 million viewers. Again, the episode increased by about 1.6 million viewers which has been consistent throughout the series.

On the ABC, Hide gained an additional 148,000 viewers to raise its overnight rating to a respectable final figure of 795,000 viewers. This leaves the episode at number nine in the evening’s chart, edged out by high rating Downton Abbey (Channel 7, 1.54 million), Elementary (Channel 10, 973,000) and Call the Midwife (ABC, 822,000).


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