Hide Ratings Round-Up

The overnight ratings for both the UK and Australia have been release for episode 4 for the new series, Hide.

In the UK the episode debuted on BBC One at 6.45 on April 20th and received an overnight rating of 5.0 million viewers. This is down on the rating for last weeks episode but the audience share remained relatively steady at 24.5% of the total TV audience.

The appreciation index for Hide was slightly higher than for Cold War, coming in at 85.

Overall for the day Doctor Who was fourth, loosing out to Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice and Casualty. The figure of 5.0 million viewer should rise substantially though when the final rating are released next week.

On the ABC Hide was broadcast in the usual 7.30 timeslot on April 21st and received an overnight rating of 648,000 viewers. It was the ABC’s second highest rating program after the evening’s news and the third highest rating drama of the evening after Downton Abbey and Elementary. This left it as the tenth highest rating programme for the week, three weeks in a row.

Final Ratings for Cold War.

On the ABC, Cold War gained an additional 114,000 time shifted viewers raising its final rating to 842,000 viewers. The episode only jumped one place in the day’s figures, moving into ninth place. It was still the ABC’s highest rating program of the day, narrowly edging out the evening news and Call the Midwife.

The BARB are yet to reveal the final ratings for the BBC broadcast of Cold War. The overnight rating was 7.37 million and should rise by roughly 1 million viewer going on previous weeks increases.

Sources: TV Tonight


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