Cold War Ratings Round-Up

Cold War 2The BBC have released the overnight ratings for last weeks episode Cold War.

On the Saturday night BBC broadcast the episode received a viewership of 5.7 million at share of 26.7% of the total  audience.

The episode was given an Appreciation Index (AI) of 84.

Doctor Who was the third highest rated programme of the day and easily won it’s time-slot again You’ve Been Framed! And Famous 4 on a lowly rating evening as a whole on UK TV networks.

On the ABC, the episode was watched by 728,000 viewers in the five major capitals (not including time shifted and regional viewers). It was again the ABC’s highest rating drama of the day and their second highest rating show overall. It was also the tenth highest rating program over all stations, which is a good effort given stiff competition from a blockbuster AFL match between Collingwood and Hawthorn and the news services.

The Bells of Saint John and The Rings of Akhaten Final ratings

The BARA have released the final ratings for the first week in which series 7 of Doctor Who was broadcast. Such, The Bells of Saint John received a final rating of 8.44 million viewers (including time shifted). This still does not include the million plus viewers who have watched the story on the BBC’s iPlayer. This means that disclosing christmas specials, The Bells of Saint John is the highest rating story since The Impossible Astronaut debuted over two years ago.

On the ABC, The Bells of Saint John gained an additional 176,000 viewers to increase its final rating to 932,000 viewers. This means that the episode was the top rating drama of the day as well as the top-rating ABC program of the day and the fourth highest rating program of the day overall!

The BARA have also released the final viewing figures for the Rings of Akhaten as 7.45 million viewers. Again, this does not include the almost 1.7 million viewer who have watched the story on iPlayer. The Rings of Akhaten gained 172,000 time shifted viewers on the ABC consolidated figures rising to a final rating of 899,00 viewers, the tenth highest rating program of the day and the highest rating ABC program over Call the Midwife.


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