New Ice Warrior Promo!

SFX have released a spoiler-iffic new image from the new series which shows the full extent of the Ice Warrior’s re-design. See the image here, or view it below…

I for one am very happy with the new design as it is so true to the original. Holding this image up next to one from the 60’s the similarity is extreme, the spikes on the head, the chest plate groves, even the wide brim of the head-hole. A silhouette of the new design would be hard to pick apart from that of the old one such is the similarity.

My only concern is the texture; it seems very plastic and fake, not organic and threatening like the original. Form memory the shell of the original Ice Warriors was almost their exoskeleton and such there was hair growing on it in a natural way. I miss that look. But I am interested to see how director Douglas Mackinnon will light them in the actual episode, because that will make a huge difference.

Source: SFX Magazine


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